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Real Estate Due Dilligence in Poland

Real Estate Due Dilligence in Poland

real estate due diligence in Poland is a legal audit conducted by entrepreneurs before deciding upon the property they want to invest in. This audit represents a comprehensive analysis of the legal status and issues of the respective property and the risks this investment might imply. Usually real estate transactions in Poland require very large amounts of funding and therefore a professional due diligence is extremely important.

During the  due diligence, the appointed lawyers in Poland will analyze the legal title of the property, the existence of usability terms, mortgages and other limited property rights. If the respective property has various contracts, agreements or claims from third parties these must also be considered by the possible buyer. Another important aspect that must be verified during due diligence procedures in Poland relates to the construction of the building, facilities and compliance with construction laws and regulations.  

All conclusions from the due diligence analysis will be collected in a complete report. Depending on the investor’s objectives and needs regarding the investment, the due diligence report may contain various types of information such as risks, legal status, structure analysis, and professional recommendations to help the future owner minimize the potential risks. Usually entrepreneurs, especially foreign investors also request a tax status for the property to be purchased, including fees and public charges or rent information.

Due diligence is also made for vendors, in which case, undertaking a disposal or selling parts of their business or property portfolio may imply high risks. Comprehensive and accurate due diligence can alert vendors about potential questions and issues that the buyer might have. Providing assistance for vendors can definitely increase the speed of completing the business and maximize the sale income.

With a carefully planned due diligence entrepreneurs can maintain their financial stability and also invest profitably. Our attorneys in Poland are ready to welcome any client in need of legal audit and consultancy for real estate market. Please contact us for a personalized offer. Our lawyers can also help you with other business related services, such as VAT registration in Poland or obtaining an EORI number for your trading company.