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Applying for Loans in Poland

Applying for Loans in Poland

Additional funding 

Loans in Poland can be requested both by individuals and companies. There are many types of loans available with various credit periods. Applications for loans in Poland can be submitted at a bank branch in Poland or by using an online form, where available. 

Poland is a European country that has managed to stay clear of the financial crisis and many investors open companies here because of the favorable investment climate and the benefits offered for investing in special zones. Companies who do not have the necessary amount of money to submit the shape capital or make other necessary investments for business can apply for a loan in Poland.

Our law firm in Poland can help you open a bank account for a company or for personal use. We can also help you deal with other banking matters, including submitting the necessary documentation when applying for a loan and choosing the best type of loan for our interests.

Requirements for obtaining a company loan in Poland

The basic requirements for obtaining a loan in Poland vary according to the individual or legal entity that makes the application. Cash loans in Poland can be given with or without guarantors, however, the maximum loan amounts differ from one bank to another when no guarantors exist.

Credits for companies in Poland are given based on an evaluation made by an agent. The company’s bank statements will need to be provided. Polish banks may not give loans if the company has a business record of less than 1 year. The loan may be received as a revolving loan (repaid in installments), as a business credit card or otherwise. Our Polish law firm can handle your case if your company needs to apply for a loan and the bank requires special documentation about the financial situation of the company. 

 Personal loans in Poland

Individuals living and working in Poland have the option to request a cash loan or a mortgage on a Polish property. Cash loans in Poland can be given without guarantors or collateral, up to a certain amount. Applications can be made online or at a branch of the chosen bank. Depending on the bank with which you choose to work, the credit period will vary. One of the longest maximum credit period in Poland is 10 years.

Foreign individuals in Poland can also apply for a loan in the country, provided that they earn income in Poland.

For more information about banking in Poland an applying for a loan, you can contact our law firm in Poland. We can help you with a number of financial matters and other legal issues.