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Articles of Association in Poland

Articles of Association in Poland

The Articles of Association of a company represent a document used for the incorporation of the business. It generally comprises the directors’ responsibilities, the type of activities which will be effectuated and in which ways the shareholders will exert the control over the board of directors.

The Articles of Association in Poland are filed with the Polish Commercial Register. After the business is registered, it is able to activate as a legal entity. According to the legislation in Poland, there can be an intermediary period prior to the actual registration when the company can function. Our lawyers in Poland could offer more details on this aspect.

Elements of the Articles of Association in Poland

The most popular form of business entity in Poland is the Limited Liability Company (LLC), which can undertake any type of activity and must have a minimum share capital of PLN 5,000. 

The first stage in the registration procedure of an LLC is preparing the draft Articles of Association in Poland. According to the Commercial Code in the country, the Polish Articles of Association have to include the following information:

  • The company name and seat;
  • Company objects;
  • The share capital;
  • The nominal value and number of the shares contributed by individual shareholders and data on if the shareholders can have more than one share;
  • The company term, if defined;
  • If applicable, the Articles of Association in Poland must stipulate thoroughly the in-kind contribution and the shareholder who effectuates it, including the number and nominal value of the shares bought for this type of contribution. Our lawyers in Poland can provide more details on this matter.

Our lawyers in Warsaw offer complete solutions for the preparation of documents, as well as document and contract reviews from a legal perspective. Before you submit the Articles of Association, or before you enter into an agreement, just as when you wish to know if a certain document or contract is drafted in compliance with the legal requirements, you can reach out to our team for consultation.

Documents for the notarial Articles of Association deed in Poland

The Articles of Association under the form of a notarial deed are recommended to be concluded, for certain reasons. Our law firm in Poland can further explain what these reasons are.

To have the Articles of Association in Poland under the form of a notarial deed, the following documentation is necessary:

  1. Identity cards or passports of the individuals involved;
  2. A current extract from the Commercial Register in Poland in case a shareholder is a legal entity;
  3. A power of attorney for an individual who represents the shareholder at the time the Articles of Association are concluded. 

In order to find out more about the Articles of Association in Poland, or for any issue regarding company registration and other legal matters in this country, we invite you to contact our Polish law firm.