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Data Protection Law in Poland

Data Protection Law in Poland

The data protection law in Poland concerns the collection, processing, transmission and use of personal data from one individual, having previously obtained his or her consent to do so. Certain companies in Poland like telemarketers and others collect personal data on a regular basis.

Poland is a member of the European Union and implements the EU Data Protection Directive. According to the provisions of these EU rules and regulations, special care is given to the collection of certain personal data, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, religious beliefs and many other aspects related to personal life.

If your company in Poland is working with sensitive personal data or if you are an independent data collector, talking to an expert at a Polish law firm can help you clarify all aspects concerning data protection in the country.

Collecting and processing personal data in Poland

Polish companies that need to collect personal data can only do so if the individual has given his prior consent for this activity and only if they clearly specify what the data will be used for. This step can be necessary when concluding contracts in Poland or if the information is necessary for an activity of public interest and the step is required by law. 

The Inspector General for Personal Data Protection in Poland is the authority in charge with personal data matters in the country. One of our attorneys in Poland can help you with submissions to this authority or obtain special permits and licenses for performing various personal data-related activities. 

Special requirements for data processors in Poland

Data controllers or processors in Poland must notify the use of data filing systems to the Inspector in the country. This registration step is not applicable for those data controllers that work with data that contains confidential information or if the data was collected as a result of an inquiry made in connection with another body or authority (such as a national criminal register, the visa information system, relevant bodies or agencies of EU member states and in other cases).

One of the attorneys at our Polish law firm can give you more information about the data protection law in Poland and the requirements for data collectors. You can contact us if you have questions or are in need of legal advice.