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Distribution Agreements in Poland

Distribution Agreements in Poland

 distribution agreement is a legal contract between a supplier and a distributor of goods. The supplier could be the manufacturer or a distributor reselling the goods manufactured by someone else. The most important features of a distribution agreement in Poland include the time frame for which the contract is valid, the terms and conditions for the supply of goods and the areas where it is applied. Our lawyers in Poland can offer legal advice for entrepreneurs who are interested in having a draft of a distribution agreement.

Distributors in Poland

distributor in Poland represents an intermediary between the producer of a good and another business organization within the supply chain or distribution channel, like a value-added reseller, a retailer or a system integrator. 

Selling different types of goods through a distribution agreementin Poland may present multiple advantages, for both parties involved. Some of these advantages consist of:

• the distributor always finds methods of distributing and selling the entire product stock;

• a distribution agreement creates certain advantages for the supplier, such as not being required to be established in Poland, therefore minimizing the costs involved in setting up a local business

• the risks involving the transaction will be suffered by the distributor, since the supplier cannot be responsible for any responsibility connected to the goods. Our Polish law firm can offer more details on this aspect.

Types of distribution agreements in Poland

The distribution agreements in Poland can be effectuated under various forms, among which we mention:

exclusive distribution agreement: in this case, only the distributor, and not the manufacturer, is allowed to sell the products;

non-exclusive: the manufacturer has the right to enable more than one distributor to see the goods on its behalf. Our attorneys in Poland can offer more information on this matter;

sole distribution agreement: in this type of distribution agreement in Poland, only the manufacturer and the distributor are allowed to sell the products on a certain territory or customer category.

Entrepreneurs who are interested to know more about the distribution agreements in Poland are kindly invited to get in touch with our law firm in Poland for legal advice.