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Embezzlement Lawyers in Poland

Embezzlement Lawyers in Poland

Embezzlement is a type of financial fraud and is defined as being a dishonest conversion of a person’s assets by another person who was entrusted with the assets, such as an employee or an agent. Our embezzlement lawyers in Poland specialize in such financial frauds and can represent you if you or your company have been embezzled. 

Embezzlers violate an owner’s rights of possession to his or her property. They undertake the right of ownership without being authorized by the owner and start using the assets for their own needs. One example of embezzlement in Poland is if a person entrusted with a real-estate in Poland uses that property for another purpose without the consent of the owner.

Types of assets that can be embezzled include, but are not limited to: money, goods, personal property, checks, bonds, stocks and any written documents such as deeds or contracts. An embezzler does not necessarily need to possess the object of the embezzlement. He or she only needs to have access to it and use it against its original purpose and/or against the will of the owner in order to meet his own needs.

Usually, the relationship between the embezzler and the prejudiced party starts as trustful relationship. Employees in Poland may embezzle their employers or business partners can make certain conversions of property without the consent of the other party.

Dealing with embezzlement in Poland

Our lawyers in Poland can provide complete assistance for preventing unfortunate financial frauds. Embezzlement can be premeditated and systematic, thus it is useful to constantly observe suspicious activities. Often, persons embezzle other parties with only a small amount of the company funds or resources and the activity may continue for longer periods of time.

Embezzlement can have a significant impact on the company, its financial security and even its future activities. Our Polish lawyers specialized in embezzlement in Poland can make sure that all the necessary steps are taken for an effective embezzlement protection: prevention, detection and investigation are equally important steps. If a fraud is exposed, our lawyers in Poland can help you take legal action. 

Please contact our law firm in Poland of you want to know more about the legal procedures against embezzlement.