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Hedge Funds in Poland

Hedge Funds in Poland

The asset management and fund industry in Poland have seen a rapid growth over the last years. Investment funds, including the hedge funds category, have recorded one of the most important developments.

Poland’s economic resilience is an important factor for many fund managers, either individuals or companies, that choose to base and manage these types of funds from the country. The rules and regulations applicable to investment funds in Poland are in line with the EU Directives in this field.

Reasons to invest in Polish hedge funds 

Poland’s asset management industry has maintained its growth and experts believe that this pace will maintain itself through 2016 and onto 2017, although at a slightly moderate level. Private investment fund companies are becoming more popular, driven by the economic climate in the country and the growing number of clients with important income and personal wealth.

As an alternative to doing business in the investment fund sector, foreign investors can market some of their types of funds on the Polish market, like foreign UCITS (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities)

Investment fund companies in Poland are represented by the Chamber of Fund and Asset Management in the country. The change supports the development of this business field through its efforts to develop ethical principles related to investments in specialized funds and the management of these investment structures.

law firm in Poland can provide you with complete information about investment funds and how they are regulated.

Hedge fund formation in Poland

Hedge funds are commonly used by foreign investors. While the essential investment strategy may differ, these funds are used for offshore investments made with the help of pooled funds. These funds can be formed as a limited partnership and investments can be open to a set of professional investors. If you cannot be present in the country after you decide to form such a partnership, one of our attorneys in Poland can help start the procedures in your name, based on a power of attorney.

Polish Investment funds are regulated through a special set of laws, including the 2004 Act on Investment Funds, with its amendments. Fund management regulations are separate from the requirements imposed on investment fund management companies in Poland. This type of Polish company must be formed as an independent legal entity that has its main objectives to create and manage investment funds.

You can contact our Polish law firm if you have any questions about foreign investments in the country.