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How to Start a Franchise Business in Poland

How to Start a Franchise Business in Poland

Franchising offers numerous business opportunities and a set of advantages, compared to starting a new business. Investors who want to know how to start a franchise business in Poland can reach out to one of our experts to find out more about the advantage of this particular business model.

Our team of lawyers in Poland can help you discover the franchising opportunities in the county as well as comply with the current market regulations and conditions for doing business.

We invite you to watch a video about franchising in Poland:

Franchising in Poland

The Polish franchise market is reasonably developed, with a wide range of opportunities for entrepreneurs in Poland who wish to open this type of business. 

Franchising is a business model that presents advantages to companies that use it as a manner of expansion and for investors who purchase the business rights from those companies. Common examples include large fast-food chains and the gastronomy sector is the most well-developed and represented one in Poland.

Other franchising opportunities in Polish cities exist in the retail sector, the wellness and recreational sectors and the services sector with emphasis on consulting. 

The minimum investment for opening a franchise in Poland will depend on the type of business chosen by entrepreneurs and the particularities of the franchise itself. The franchise agreement is the one that establishes the rights and obligations of both parties. One of our lawyers in Poland can give you more information about this document and how it applies in various business fields.

Regulations for setting up a franchise in Poland

Franchise agreements are generally regulated by the Polish Civil Code and by any relevant intellectual property rights. The team of experts at our law firm in Poland can give you complete details on these laws. Our team of Polish lawyers can help you adapt the franchise agreement as per the ongoing Polish laws. 

Poland encourages franchises and the expansion of foreign businesses. A special annual Franchise Expo is the largest trade show in this field and investors are welcomed to explore the opportunities presented each year. 

Contact us for more information about how to open a franchise and the various business opportunities in Poland.