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IT Law in Poland

IT Law in Poland

Information technology legislation in Poland

The information technology law in Poland deals with specific issues regarding the usage, collection, storing and dissemination of electronic information and data. Matters like software licensing, data privacy and security and electronic signatures are regulated by law in Poland. Online businesses and virtually any type of company in Poland that has an online domain need to observe the special regulations for trade names and trademarks in Poland.

Our attorneys in Poland can help you your company if you are in need of legal assistance to solve any disputes that may arise in the field of information technology. Our Polish lawyers specialize in IT law and are accustomed to the IT industry in Poland.

Software use and data privacy in Poland

Businesses in Poland that undertake activities which require the use of a specialized software program need to make sure that the usage of the said software is legal and that it has its license up to date. A software licensing contract is a good way to make sure that the software you are purchasing is guaranteed to be original. Software company representatives will provide such a contract upon the purchase of any new software for your company.

Depending on the business field in which they operate in, some businesses work more than others with confidential information belonging to their clients and employees. Some litigation cases involve the breach of the confidentiality agreement due to a technical failure or due to the fact that the digitally stored information was not secured properly. Companies in Poland need to protect not only themselves but also their clients and partners from any cyber-attacks. Our information technology lawyers in Poland can help you with legal representation during any legal investigations that concern data privacy and security issues.

Copyright protection

Copyright protection is possible in Poland for a number of things, including computer software and programs, databases, as well as domain and company names. Companies that produce computer software or hardware can draw up special agreement to limit the rights to reproduce, modify and interfere in any way with the program and use it only for its intended purpose. The Copyright Act in Poland regulates this matters concerning trademark protection.

Our law firm in Poland can offer you counselling and legal representation in any legal matter concerning the use of information technology in PolandContact our attorneys in Poland if you want to know more about the Polish IT law.