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Maritime Law in Poland

Maritime Law in Poland

The Polish ports

Poland has a number of important ports located on the Polish Baltic coast and they offer access to important shipping routes on the Baltic and North Sea. Polish companies that operate in the transport sector can locate their headquarters in important Polish port cities like Gdansk. 

Regardless of the scope of maritime travel, every vessel that enters the Polish territorial waters must observe the provision of the maritime law. Our lawyers in Poland specialize in commercial trading and can help you with information if you want to know how you can perform shipping activities in Poland.

The Polish shipping law

Most of the Polish ships are cargo ships but there are many more types of vessels crossing through Poland’s coastal waters. Certain shipping activities that involve the carriage of goods or passengers between Polish ports can only be performed if the vessel is Polish. A Polish vessel is defined in the Maritime Code as a vessel of Polish ownership. A vessel is considered deemed of Polish nationality if, the ship’s operator is domiciled in Poland or if it has its main set or branch office in Poland.

Ships must be registered at the Polish Register of Ships through an application made by the owner. Our lawyers in Poland can assist you throughout the registration procedure and can also help you obtain any other special permits and licenses for trade and shipping in Poland.

Cargo and passenger claims in Poland

The Polish Maritime Code regulates the carrier’s liability for loss or damage to cargo. The legislation is in line with that applicable throughout other EU countries. According to law, the carrier is liable for the cargo from the moment it received it and until it is delivered to the recipient. A contract signed between the parties can determine the extent of the liability.

As a member of the European Union, Poland also observes the law for carrying passengers by sea. This means that the carrier is responsible for the passengers in the event of an accident and also for the rights of the passengers while travelling by sea. 

The Polish Maritime Code also regulates aspects such as marine casualty, ship arrest and security. For more detailed information about the laws governing maritime transportation in Poland, please contact our Polish law firm in Wroclaw.