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NGO in Poland

NGO in Poland

non-governmental organization (NGO) in Poland is a voluntarily association that is not profit-oriented, as other Polish businesses, and has no affiliation with the Polish government. NGOs may be oriented towards charitable projects and the provision of various services to people in need (health, education, and family) or they may be oriented towards involving people in important matters worldwide.

The non-governmental organization sector in Poland became fully functional after the fall of the communist regime, in 1989. After the political reorganization of the country, new NGOs began their activity in Poland and some traditional worldwide organizations, such as Caritas Poland reestablished their activities.

Today there are many independent NGOs in Poland operating in various fields. The Polish law recognizes different types of nonprofit organizations. Our lawyers in Poland can help you decide which form of nonprofit entity best suits your needs.

Types of nonprofit entities in Poland

The Law on Associations and the Law on Foundations govern the establishment and functioning of nonprofit organizations in Poland. Apart from associations and foundations, other types of nonprofit entities in Poland are trade unions, social organizations or religious nonprofits.

Polish associations are unions of individuals that have the following characteristics: they are voluntarily, non-profit, permanent and self-governing. According to the Polish Law on Associations, there are three kinds of associations in Poland: unincorporated, incorporated and unions. Our Polish lawyers can detail the differences between the forms of organization and offer you advice regarding the establishment of associations in Poland. 

Foundations in Poland need to be registered at the Commercial Court of Warsaw or locally, if the foundation does not plan to operate on the entire territory of Poland. The registration is free of charge. Like associations, one important characteristic of a Polish foundation is that this type of legal entity has non-profit making purposes. Native or foreign natural or juridical persons may establish foundations in Poland.

Our Polish lawyers can help you with the registration of a foundation in Poland. Please contact our law firm in Poland for more detailed information regarding the nonprofit sector in Poland.

If you are interested in investing in other sectors in Poland, such as agriculture, or if you want to purchase a property in Poland, our team of Polish lawyers can offer you various legal services.