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Obtain Information about Polish Companies

Obtain Information about Polish Companies

Identifying a Polish company

Polish companies, irrespective of their type, are assigned a series of numbers by the relevant authorities that makes them possible to be identified. Entrepreneurs who want to obtain information about Polish companies can access the public database of the Polish registration authorities and find out basic details about a certain company.

For extensive searches, the experts at our Polish law firm can gather the necessary information. Individuals who want to open a Polish company are advised to do a market research: useful both in terms of knowing the existing competitors on the market but also to find information about other companies and thus avoid any misunderstandings like trademark violations. 

Identification details for Polish companies

Every company in Poland receives a REGON number from the Main Statistical Office and a NIP number given by the Tax Office. The National Court Register offers centralized information in three district registers: the register for entrepreneurs, the register for associations, social professional organizations, foundations and public health institutions and the register for insolvent debtors. The National Court Register can be accessed online and the search engine allows individuals to search for information about a legal entity registered with the National Court Register using the assigned KRS number for the company or the name of the company.

Some of the information that can be accesses when searching for a Polish company include: the main address, other former names of the company (if applicable), the registration status and activity status, legal form, information about the shareholders and other details. Not all the information can be accesses for free.

Other details about Polish company identification

Although most types of companies in Poland need to be registered in multiple places to be able to perform any economic activity, simpler forms of legal entities, like the sole trader do not receive a KRS number so the search must be based on the REGON or NIP number.

When searching for more information about a Polish company you should make sure that the identification details are correct. It is best to make sure that the business partner is a legitimate legal entity. For import and export activities, companies also receive an international EORI number.

Our Polish law firm can help you obtain information about your business partners in Poland. You can contact our Polish lawyers at any time if you have more questions.