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Open an Agricultural Business in Poland

Open an Agricultural Business in Poland

Agriculture is one of Poland’s economic pillars, favoured by the country’s good climatic and soil conditions. Most regions allow for mixed farming and Poland is an important producer and exporter of grains and several other important crops.

The experts at our Polish law firm can give you complete details on the conditions for investment in this business sector for foreign companies and foreign individuals.

Investments in agriculture in Poland

Foreign investments in agriculture in Poland have increased ever since the country’s accession to the EU. Along with foreign capital, domestic expenditure also increased and the Polish farming sector recorded an important growth following 2004. All of these positive changes made it possible for the sector, farming, and agriculture included, to flourish and increase the total export value.

Almost sixty percent of the country’s total area is comprised of agricultural land. The main percentage of this land is used for crop cultivation, followed by orchards and pastures. Grain production (wheat, rye, oats) and crop production are significant in Poland. Some of the major crops successfully cultivated in the country include potatoes, sugar, beet, flax, hops, oats, apples and other fruits. In the farming sector, dairy production, with emphasis on milk, is of significant importance. 

Farms in Poland vary in size, with the sector being represented both by small family farms and larger units. It is not uncommon for farmers to opt for a cooperative-type of farming when this option allows them to strengthen their production power.

Investors who open an agricultural business in Poland can look toward organic farming, on a smaller scale but with emphasis on quality.

The tax laws for farms and agricultural businesses in Poland encourage even small entrepreneurs to open a business and the relatively lower labour costs compared to the rest of the EU are also an advantage for those who open a business.

How to open an agricultural business in Poland

Investors who want to open an agricultural business in Poland can channel the activities of the company in one or several activities related to farming and agriculture, either in the production (cultivation) phase or in the processing phase. In order to incorporate a Polish company, entrepreneurs need to follow a few basic steps, including choosing an available business name, opening a bank account, preparing the company documents and registering the company with the National Court Register.

Investors who need help understanding the local laws and regulations can seek help from our team of Polish lawyers. We can also help investors in communicating with the Polish authorities, especially if the language is an impediment. 

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