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Opening a Textile Manufacturing in Poland

Opening a Textile Manufacturing in Poland

The textile industry in Poland

The textile and clothing sector in Poland includes large manufacturers and smaller companies opened by clothing designers. The industry covers a large number of activities, from weaving and dying to designing and exporting from Poland. Different segments deal with the production of various materials, like yarn and threads, fabrics, textile materials, ready-made textiles, including clothing, knitted fabrics and knitted goods.

If you are a foreign investor in Poland willing to open a company that activates in the textile manufacturing business or are willing to invest in an existing company in Poland, our Polish law firm can provide neeeded legal assistance for doing business in Poland.

Company owners in Poland who are in need of legal advice and information can reach out to our lawyers in Warsaw. We are a team of attorneys with extensive experience in all areas of law and can provide guidance, as well as legal representation for dispute resolution purposes. You can reach out to us for matters concerning contract or employment law, as well as other issues.

Opening a textile manufacturing business in Poland

textile manufacturing business is usually set up as a Polish limited liability company (Sp. Z.O.O). This type of business requires a minimum share capital and the shareholders are not liable for the company’s obligations. The company must observe the rules for taxation and also be registered as a VAT payer. Alternatively, designers and small textile producers in Poland can register as a sole proprietorship for their individual activities.

Our law firm in Poland can help you start by reserving a company name and then deciding what business form best suits your needs. If you are considering exporting your products or importing fabrics, our lawyers can offer you advice on trading and other regulations in Poland.

Market regulations for textile producers

Because Poland is part of the European Union, business owners in the country need to comply with the existing rules and regulations for their activities set out by the European Union. For textile producers, the EU has certain regulations concerning textile fiber names and labeling. For example, textile products containing non-textile parts of animal origin need to be labelled to specify this aspect and the description of the fiber composition of the product must use the agreed and listed textile fibers, as set forth in the Annexes to the EU Regulation. 

Our Polish law firm can provide detailed information about the Polish textile market and how you can invest here. Please do not hesitate to contact our attorneys in Poland if you have any questions.