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Polish Special Economic Zones

Polish Special Economic Zones

Investments in Poland

According to the World Investment Report published in June 2013 by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the value of foreign direct investments in Poland exceeded in the first quarter of 2013 the results obtained in the entire year of 2012.  The report estimates that in the next two-years Poland will be 4th in Europe and 14th in the World most attractive economy for investment.

Polish Special Economic Zones (SEZ)

The Polish Government created the Special Economic Zones (SEZ) as a result of the needs of several particular regions combined with the needs of foreign investors intending to open businesses in this country. The first such zone in Poland was established in Mielec in 1995, while the majority of other SEZs followed two years later.

Basically entrepreneurs choosing to establish businesses in one of these 14 Polish Special Economic Zones are given the opportunity to conduct their activities on preferential terms and with the assurance of various benefits such as lower taxes in Poland. Also, they can start the respective business with the advantage of a ready-made and fully-equipped site.

There are advantages for both sides: foreign investors receive advantages for their businesses, while these Polish Special Economic Zones will benefit from a lower unemployment rate, developed infrastructure, increased economic competitiveness and an overall accelerated economic growth.

Procedures of Special Economic Zones

Investors interested in starting a business in Poland in one of these Special Economic Zones must receive permission to do so from the management board of each zone.  

In order to obtain a permit to operate in a Special Economic Zone, an investor must:

• -verify the laws stated by the Council of Ministers referring to the type of the business activity and see if his business fits the requirements.

• -choose the Polish Special Economic Zone he wants to invest in

• -file a proposal to the local authorities expressing his intention to invest in this specific are an amount of at least EUR 100,000

• -take part in an auction organized by the Special Economic Zone authorities and in case of win, he will obtain the permit.

Our Polish lawyers can help create a smoother relation with the local authorities, facilitate the real-estate purchases and provide assistance and consultancy through the entire process of investment. Please contact us for a personalized offer.