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Our Articles


We list some of the articles that present the services offered by CGO Legal Counseling (LawyersPoland.eu): 

1. Reasons why Poland is an attractive country for foreign investors

“Businessmen who are searching for a competitive market for starting a business in Europe can choose Poland due to the following: tax incentives for local and foreign investors, the Polish tax incentives are also available for start-up companies, companies can benefit from full tax exemptions for specific types of taxes, such exemptions are generally applicable for a period of two years and they can apply to start-up businesses or to those involved in research and development activities, specific tax advantages can be obtained when investing in the country’s economic zones.”

2. Complete immigration solutions from CGO Group

“Are you looking for committed legal support and valuable legal advice for immigration issues? Do want legal solutions that will provide the right kind of guidance when it comes to Immigration Laws of Poland? If your answer is yes then all you need is CGO Legal Counseling.”

3. A legal firm that offers a wide range of services in Poland

“The firm extends its legal advisory services to chiefly foreign corporate clients regarding doing business in Poland. Among the areas covered are: laws related to formation of companies, real estate law, labour law, corporate services, intangible rights, debt collection, collective redundancies, internet law, offshoring, credits pertaining to Swiss Franc, depreciation of buildings and structures, and tax strategies. The team of professionals at the firm include attorneys, legal counsels, tax advisors, accountants and immigration specialists.”

4. Valuable immigration solutions from CGO Legal Counseling

“A prominent service offered by this firm is immigration-related service. The experienced and well qualified lawyers of the immigration department of CGO Counseling handle all the cases in a professional manner. They take care of a wide scope when dealing with a case, paying attention to minute details. […] The three main categories can be divided into three parts. They are- Residence, employment and citizenship.”

5. Branch formation in Poland

“In the case of businessmen from the EEA or EFTA countries, who are interested in opening a branch office in Poland, the local legislation stipulates that the registration procedure can follow the same principles that are available for Polish citizens.”