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Repatriation of Profit from Poland

Repatriation of Profit from Poland

Foreign companies operating in Poland may want to bring their Polish-source profits into their country of origin. A repatriation of profit from Poland can be made, and companies that choose to do must usually convert the foreign Polish earning into the currency of their home country. The changes in capital are subject to foreign exchange and it is advisable to seek the advice of a specialist when repatriating profit. Our attorneys in Poland can help you with any profit repatriation issues. 

The Polish zloty (PLN) is externally convertible and the country complies with the requirements of the Statute of the International Monetary Fund. Financial transactions in Poland can be concluded in PLN or in any other currency. However, Polish residents cannot conclude transactions with other Polish residents in foreign currencies (though there are a few exceptions). Foreign employees in Poland can receive their remuneration in a foreign currency, either in Poland or in a foreign bank account.

Polish profit repatriation

Polish law allows for unrestricted repatriation of profits. There are no restrictions on the transfer of shares inside Poland and the repatriation of proceedings. Foreigners can convert and transfer currency in order to make payments in other countries of they may transfer their share of profits (after the taxes have been deducted) for their Polish activities. The capital gained by foreign investors in Poland can be completely withdrawn from Poland in certain cases like liquidation, expropriation and others. 

The transfer of funds from Poland is legal and individuals who perform such transfers and conduct foreign exchange transactions must use a bank as an intermediary if the transfer exceeds a certain amount.

Our Polish law firm can prove any necessary legal assistance for currency transfer outside of Poland. We can also offer you more information about the foreign exchange regulations in Poland according to the Polish taxation laws.

If you want to open a branch or a subsidiary in Poland, there are certain aspects about the distribution of dividends in Poland that need to be taken into consideration. Companies in Poland, including subsidiaries of foreign companies in Poland, must pay withholding taxes on dividends unless a double tax treaty applies. 

Please contact our Polish lawyers for more information about international company taxation in Poland.