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Reserving a Company Name in Poland

Reserving a Company Name in Poland

Companies in Poland need to distinguish themselves from other businesses in the market and at the same time use names, slogans and trademarks that make them easy to be remembered by customers. When deciding to open a company in Poland, one of the initial steps is to choose a name for the new business. Reserving a company name in Poland can be useful if you want to make sure that the uniqueness of the name is preserved before the company incorporation procedure is complete.

Our Polish law firm provides complete company incorporation services in Poland, including company name reservations.

Foreign investors may choose to use their own name or other names and initials followed by the business they operate (for example, consultancy). According to the type of Polish company chosen for the specific business, the name of the company might have to include a shortcut of the type of company.

Business name reservation in Poland

Company names can be reserved in Poland at the Polish Trade Register, as part of the company incorporation procedure. Business names can be treated as other trademarks in Poland and the trademark protections laws available in Poland and the European Union guarantee that the specific name, symbol or logo will be used only by their owner.

A company name should be unique, should not contain words or symbols used by other Polish companies or international companies and at the same time should describe the company and its core values. Elements that can be registered as trademarks in Poland are: words, signs, designs, combinations of colours and even acoustic signals.

Trademark protection in Poland is available for 10 years after registration and it can be renewed for another 10 years. Our attorneys in Poland can provide more information about the legal basis for trademark protection and can provide legal assistance if you want to oppose a trademark in Poland.

If you company deals regularly with intellectual property maters in Poland, our law firm in Poland can provide speciality legal services. Please contact our attorneys in Poland for more information.