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Start a Real Estate Business in Poland

Start a Real Estate Business in Poland

Investors who start a real estate business in Poland can offer services related to the purchase and sale of properties, both residential and commercial, but also property management services.

Our team of Polish lawyers details the steps that need to be taken into consideration by those investors who start a real estate business in Poland.

The real estate investment market in Poland

The types of services usually offered by real estate companies in Poland include:

  • Consultancy: specialized services for residential investors, commercial investors as well as representation and counseling for landlords.
  • Property management: services for landlords related to rental management, property securement, and repair as well as maintenance staff.
  • Rent services: tailored to the needs of the clients and according to duration: short or long-term.
  • Buy/sell services: complete serviced for individuals or companies for selling or buying property in Poland.

For foreign investors, the law dictates that a special permit for acquiring real estate in Poland must be obtained. One of the attorneys at our Polish law firm can give you more details.

Open a real estate company in Poland

The steps for opening a real estate business in Poland are summarized below:

  1. Have a business plan: real estate companies in Poland offer a variety of products, however, before starting to offer their services, investors need to have a good business plan, adapted to the market reality.
  2. Choose a company type: the type of company often chosen to start a small or medium business is the Sp.z.o.o.
  3. The company set up: once the company type and the name are chosen, investors can start to draft the Articles of Association; the final step is to register the company with the National Court Register.
  4. Hire employees: hiring qualified real estate agents is an important step and individuals can follow special qualification courses.

Our attorneys in Poland can give you more details about the process of starting a business and the requirements for operating a company in the retail and/or property management sector.

Your business can distinguish itself from others in this field with a registered trademark.

Contact us for complete legal services in Poland and assistance for company registration.