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Tenant Eviction in Poland

Tenant Eviction in Poland

Tenant eviction in Poland is generally discussed in amicable terms, however, if the tenant refuses to leave the premises, the landlord may institute a forced eviction.

One of our Polish lawyers can provide you with adequate legal aid in all cases concerning tenant eviction and all cases related to renting or selling premises.

The termination of a property lease in Poland

Lease agreements must be lawfully terminated in Poland. For this purpose, the landlord must be well aware of the manner in which he or she may enforce the termination while observing both his or her rights as the rightful owner of the property but also the rights of the tenant.

The termination clause should be agreed upon in writing in the original lease agreement. One of the most common reasons for lease termination in Poland is non-payment. According to law, a landlord may request the tenant to evict the premises if he or she failed to pay the due rent for more than two full months or rent periods, as described in the lease contract. 

Landlords who are unsure of how to include a rightful termination clause, which will be mutually beneficial and legally binding, can request the services provided by our Polish lawyers.

Premises vacation in Poland

One of the tenant’s obligations, as per the lease agreement, is to vacate the premises upon the termination of the contract. Should the tenant refuse to comply, the landlord may enforce special measures. This is commonly done via a claim against the tenant that specifically asks for the latter to leave the premises. One of our Polish lawyers can help you draw up this claim which is also done at the same time with drawing up an enforcement clause on the notarial deed.

Alternatively, the landlord may request a court eviction judgment which will also have an enforcement clause. Although less common in practice, when the tenant refuses to evict the premises after all of these steps, police assistance may be used.

One of the experts at our law firm in Poland can give you complete details on the laws governing property lease, tenancy, and eviction.

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