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Types of Fintech Activities in Poland

Types of Fintech Activities in Poland

Fintech, or financial technology, has been an important step in the improvement of the manner in which financial services firms offer their services. Companies in this business sector offer solutions for many areas related to financial services but also for personal finance.

Poland is one of the Central and Eastern European countries with the largest fintech market and a country that has gained recognition in the field over the years. There are several types of fintech activities in Poland that can be undertaken by investors and our team of attorneys in Poland highlights some of the most popular ones.

Examples of financial technology activities in Poland

The table below summarizes the main types of financial technology activities undertaken by Polish companies. Each of the ideas presented has its own characteristics, briefly outlined in the table, and it is recommended that investors further explore the business needs and start-up costs.

Type of activityDetails
Mobile payment systemA platform that offers mobile payment solutions, a method thought to be more secure than traditional credit/debit card payments.
Mobile financial servicesPlatforms that offer access to various types of financial services. One example is for creating online loan applications.
Social lendingPeer-to-peer lending, or a platform that allows individuals to find financing solutions without a financial institution. 
Online debt collectionA software designed to allow the user to control and automate the debt collection process, at the same time optimizing collection costs where possible.

Starting a fintech business in Poland

Opening a Polish fintech company is an easy process and one that can be accomplished by following just a number of steps, starting with choosing a suitable type of company. A new fintech business will need to have an original name, a bank account in Poland and a registered office. 

Complete guidance and assistance on these matters is provided by our team of attorneys in Poland. Contact us for any details on the processes required to open a company.