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Wealth Management in Poland

Wealth Management in Poland

Wealth management is a service that combines financial investment advice, retirement planning, accounting/tax services and others for one fee. People are recommended to seek counsel from a wealth manager in Poland who can coordinate information from financial professionals and who can also correlate input received from the client’s attorney and the insurance agent.

What are the responsibilities of a wealth manager in Poland?

The wealth manager starts to develop a plan that has the purpose to maintain and even increase the client’s wealth, taking into account the individual’s financial situation, goals and risks.

The wealth manager in Poland has to meet up regularly with his/her clients in order to update goals and to rebalance the financial portfolio. Ultimately, he/she has to investigate if any additional services are required and provide them, ideally, throughout the client’s life.

Our lawyers in Poland can assist you at any time by offering our wealth management services

What does wealth management in Poland imply?

Poland is one of Europe’s top business destinations and some important companies have their basis in this country. Thus, foreign investors in Poland are aware that they have to secure their assets by planning their finances carefully and efficiently. The main benefit of this service is the fact that it allows you to maintain a position and a reputation on the Polish market.

Our Polish lawyers can offer the next  wealth management services in Poland

  • investment portfolio management and other financial operations;
  • foreign exchange services;
  • financial planning;
  • investment banking services.

Wealth management is often requested by companies in Poland or by high earning individuals who wish to find the best way of managing their assets. 

With wealth management being a consultative process, it has to be based on the client-adviser relationship and thus, wealth managers in Poland have to fully comprehend the needs of their clients. This service can also be requested prior to divorce in Poland, in order to understand more about the distribution of joint assets.

Our Polish attorneys can provide  you  with general business consulting services in this country, so feel free to contactour law firm.